Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Healthwise - Success Story

Healthwise®  Success Story Prescription-Strength Information TM  for Every Health Decision 

Strange feeling leads to internet search Healthwise®  Knowledgebase helped him take his symptoms seriously and get to the hospital on time 

After a fun-filled weekend, you might not be too concerned if you woke up feeling strange on a Monday
morning. But for Simon Hymas, a 34-year old advertising executive in New York City, it was more than a case of the “Mondays.” He felt disoriented. His balance was off. And he felt numbness in his right hand. 
Despite feeling bad, he carried on with his morning routine. Thinking it might help him feel better, Simon took a shower. Things got worse. “I never felt like that before,” Simon told Healthwise. “So I decided to check out my symptoms on WebMD.” WebMD licenses the Healthwise Knowledgebase. 
He typed how he felt into the symptom checker. The results suggested a number of conditions associated with his symptoms, including a stroke. Believing a stroke was out of the question at his age, Simon wasn’t sure what to think. 
Simon has never worried too much about his health. But that morning he felt he had three choices: go to work, call his doctor to make an appointment, or go straight to the emergency room. The Internet information motivated him to go to the emergency room.  

With his wife at his side, he walked the four blocks to the hospital. During the admission process, Simon’s state of mind was disbelief. “I kept thinking that this won’t take long and I will go back to work,” he recalled.  
During the examination, once again Simon felt terribly dizzy and numb. The clinicians immediately set off the
neural alarm, and that’s when everyone, including Simon and his wife, realized he was having a stroke. Because Simon was at the hospital at the right time, the doctors were able to administer tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which can help dissolve blood clots and reduce the amount of damage caused by a stroke.  
After spending two days in the ICU, six weeks in the hospital, and six months in physical therapy, Simon is well on the road to recovery.  
Throughout the rest of his recovery, Simon can turn to Healthwise content on the Web to help him answer
questions, prepare for appointments, and understand test results. Just as the information motivated him to go to the emergency room, having the right information at every moment in his care will continue to help him with his recovery and allow him to keep making better health decisions about other health issues. 

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