Thursday, July 19, 2012

Healthwise - Consumer Engagement Solution

Reach people when, where, and how they want

Smartphones, websites, portals, tablets, laptops—They all present opportunities for you to connect people with health information that builds trust, loyalty, and satisfaction in your organization and helps improve people’s health. Reach them with the consumer engagement solution.

Deliver consistent health information integrated seamlessly across all your consumer touch points

Your organization may already trust Healthwise for consumer-friendly, evidence-based content for EMR-PHR or care-management support. Now you can extend your reach—and all the success you’ve achieved with Healthwise—to your Web and mobile strategy.
Whether it’s to check a symptom or to learn more about a condition, people look first to their own devices—smartphones, laptops, tablets—for reliable information about their health. Deliver quality health content optimized for your e-health programs and mobile strategy. Here are just a few consumer engagement options:
  • The Healthwise® Knowledgebase with thousands of up-to-date, easy-to-understand topics, tools, and illustrations.
  • Innovative decision aids that allow people to tailor their health care choices with their values.
  • An interactive symptom checker that helps people assess their symptoms to quickly determine appropriate treatment.
  • Multimedia features—like slideshows and animations—that actively increase people’s understanding.
  • The Healthwise® Video Library, an option for the Healthwise Knowledgebase, offers new paths to health literacy.

Smoothly integrate health content into your e-health and mobile engagement strategies

Enhance your website, portal, and mobile programs with Healthwise health content and tools. Give people the action-oriented tools they need to manage everything from pregnancy and child health to wellness, mental health, and chronic conditions. Imagine the possibilities:
  • A mom checks her child’s symptoms and makes an appointment, all from your organization’s app on her smartphone.
  • A busy traveler in a hotel room uses his tablet to get to your organization’s low back pain health center to find and do exercises to help ease his low back pain.
  • A woman, newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, explores your mobile-friendly website and health information to make better food choices.
Together we can create endless active engagement opportunities for your organization.

A successful consumer engagement strategy begins with Healthwise

You can shop around to several vendors and end up with a patchwork of health content for all of your e-health and mobile programs. Or you can go to one place—Healthwise—to find a single source of content and tools that work together, consistently and effectively.
We don’t stop there. Since the beginning, we’ve known that the best content in the world only helps if people can understand, use, and act on the information. That’s why we always put our content and its usability to the test. Healthwise matches evidence-based content with an evidence-based visual presentation and functionality. This unique matchup ensures that when you engage people in their health … they stay engaged. Your organization earns the highest degree of satisfaction and the best possible results.
Nowhere else will you find this winning combination of resources designed to put health information and tools in the hands of your members, patients, and community.

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