Saturday, July 21, 2012

Healthwise - Deliver a new, expanded category of patient education

Healthwise® Ix® Patient Instructions are targeted to the specific needs of each of your patients—helping you meet your Meaningful Use objectives. Provide your patients with care instructions for their current encounter, and then connect them to more information in the Healthwise® Knowledgebase.

Give your patients meaningful support for better outcomes

Healthwise Patient Instructions are 1- to 3-page patient education documents that provide people with information about specific episodes of care. Your clinicians use the instructions to “prescribe” just the right education to help their patients learn how to care for their condition, what to do at home, and when to call for help. The instructions are:
  • Easy to understand, and designed to answer questions that patients and their families often have.
  • Action-oriented, so your patients can follow their after-care instructions and learn to make healthy changes.
  • Evidence-based and, because Healthwise is a nonprofit company, free from commercial bias.
Healthwise Patient Instructions provide an easy way for you to meet your meaningful use objectives.
More meaningful content to meet more Meaningful Use criteria. The Healthwise Patient Education Solution includes an option for trusted, reliable and up-to-date patient drug leaflets. And to help meet the language criteria, for every Ix Patient Instruction in English, Healthwise offers the same in Spanish. Healthwise also provides instructions in common languages appropriate for your local cultural or refugee populations.

Deliver patient education fast—to match your clinicians’ rapid work pace

Healthwise Patient Instructions provide your clinicians with reliable, up-to-date information to engage patients and get them more involved in their care. And that improves the doctor-patient relationship and the patients’ ability to stick with their treatment plans.
Healthwise Patient Instructions are built for efficient, standards-based integration into your system. And because Patient Instructions are embedded within your EMR, delivering patient education becomes a regular, seamless part of clinicians’ normal workflow—no more searching through computer files or file cabinets for pamphlets. Your clinicians can give patient instructions as printed handouts, send them by email, or post them to the patient’s PHR.
With the Healthwise® Patient Education EMR Module, an ONC-ATCB certified delivery option, you get a pre-built interface that clinicians use to select and deliver patient education within your EMR. It’s a simple, turnkey delivery option that fits your EMR like a glove.

Connect what’s in-hand to what’s online

Most old-style patient instructions amount to a simple sheet or two of paper. Healthwise Patient Instructions deliver much more than that.
Healthwise provides the only patient instructions that include our exclusive Go-to-Web codes, each directly mapped to specific topics in the Healthwise Knowledgebase. Your patients and their families can read the patient instructions, and then use the Go-to-Web codes to enter an online world of consistent, meaningful health content and interactive tools.
The more your patients understand their health and how to care for themselves, the better their outcomes—and the more trust and loyalty they’ll feel toward your organization.

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