Friday, July 20, 2012

Healthwise - Empower health coaches to engage members

A perfect combination of health education and a secure e-fulfillment destination. Healthwise® Coach increases health coach efficiency with a single health coaching dashboard. And Healthwise®Communicate helps you reach more members, more cost-effectively.

Get a complete health coaching dashboard and member message center

Healthwise Coach gives your health coaches easy-to-use, evidence-based content and tools to quickly and reliably address callers’ issues. Your health coaches can use Coach to:
  • Assess caller symptoms to determine appropriate care.
  • Support disease management care plan interventions.
  • Guide their calls using virtually unlimited content and tools in the
    Healthwise® Knowledgebase.
  • Promote shared decision making and self-care.
  • Deliver tailored follow-up materials to reinforce learning and care-plan adherence.

With Healthwise Communicate, you can connect members to prescribed information from their health coach. Use Healthwise Communicate to:
  • Deliver self-care information, care-plan interventions, and follow-up support to members in one convenient place.
  • Reach your members with health education when they are most engaged, immediately after the call.
  • Track whether members are reading the education and completing the tools.

Optimize health coach workflow and member satisfaction

Healthwise Coach makes it easy for your health coaches to find health content and prescribe it to your members. Integrated into your member management system, Healthwise Coach uses member data to quickly get your health coaches to just the right education to meet each member’s needs. Reporting on how your members use the health content means that your coaches have deep insight into member actions.

When members need more detailed care-plan instructions or disease-management guidance, your coaches can prescribe health content and tools like pre-built care interventions, virtual coaching programs, or follow-up materials.
And members can pick up their prescribed education through the online message center, Healthwise Communicate. It gives them a single source for all the materials from their health coach.
With Healthwise Coach and Healthwise Communicate, your organization can view member activity within the prescribed online education. You can use that information to tailor future interventions, create more informed and satisfied members, and prove value to your customers.

Meet all your needs with a single health coaching system

Developed in close collaboration with call center professionals and based on significant user testing, Healthwise Coach and Healthwise Communicate create a one-of-a-kind health coaching system.
Let’s talk about making Healthwise Coach and Communicate a part of your health coaching program. It gives you the complete package for effective triage, care planning, and prescribing education.

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