Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Healthwise - Empower coaches and engage members with new tools

Give your health coaches the best tools to tackle big health issues

Offer health coaches a single system for triage, care planning, and prescribing education with the Healthwise Care Management Solution. Healthwise Coach for health coaches includes:
  • A dashboard to support your call centers and help your health coaches provide fast and consistent triage and effective shared decision making.
  • Accreditation-ready content for care plans, mapped to disease management interventions.
  • Automated online programs and virtual health coaches to give your members in-depth information and help them create personal plans for the most challenging health issues.
  • An easy way to prescribe follow-up materials to reinforce the phone call, including e-fulfillment and print delivery options.
  • Reporting on what members do with the prescribed education so you can tailor outreach or reminders.

Reach more members—without adding more staff

The Healthwise Care Management Solution gives your health coaches the tools and programs to extend their value and reach more members. With Healthwise Coach, you get efficient, reliable support for:
  • Symptom assessment and home treatment calls. Use the information from the Healthwise® Knowledgebase to guide your calls, and then follow up with related home treatment information.
  • Shared decision making. Prescribe decision aids through your health coaches, or use system triggers for automated delivery.
  • Disease management and care planning. Provide focused accreditation-ready content with prebuilt education materials.
  • Give valuable self-management support to your members who aren’t enrolled in coaching programs.
And you can always add Healthwise® self-care guides and workbooks to the Care Management Solution to support your members who aren’t online.

Reap the rewards of a complete health coaching dashboard

Healthwise is the only company that provides a Care Management Solution that comes full circle. Your health coaches have access to a single health education system for triage, care planning, and prescribing education. And coaches can see what members do with the education, so they can tailor follow-up interventions.
We’ve worked with disease management organizations and call centers for years to ensure that our solutions meet their workflow and education needs. Experience how the Care Management Solution can improve your organization’s workflow and empower your member-education programs with new, engaging tools.

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