Monday, July 23, 2012

Healthwise - Knowledgebase

Unlock the power of informed health care consumers

People need good information to make good decisions. The Healthwise® Knowledgebase is the only online health resource designed to help people make informed decisions. With consumer-friendly content and tools on thousands of topics, it’s a virtually unlimited guide to better health.

Educate for action

When people know more about their own health, they do more to care for themselves. And that has a positive impact on the quality and cost of health care.
With the help of our decision aids, people are able to communicate with their care providers and make sound health care decisions. They understand and ask for the care they need, and they avoid what they don’t need. And that means better outcomes and higher satisfaction.
People use the Healthwise Knowledgebase millions of times a year. It’s an online health encyclopedia—and so much more. In addition to offering thousands of
easy-to-understand explanations of medical conditions, symptoms, tests, and treatments, the Knowledgebase provides hundreds of interactive decision aids and tools that help people answer questions like:
  • What’s my risk for a heart attack or stroke?
  • Why is it bad for someone with diabetes to eat too much sugar?
  • Is back surgery right for me?
  • Should I give my child antibiotics?
The Healthwise Knowledgebase is written in plain language, uses compelling illustrations, and is easy to search. And check out the Healthwise® Video Library featuring animated and expert-hosted videos that transform the complex into easy-to-understand health information.
We also have a separate Healthwise® Knowledgebase for Canada and a Healthwise® Spanish Knowledgebase.

Deliver health content where and when it matters most

The Knowledgebase is a powerful, compelling resource that helps people learn—and take better care of their health. Here are some common ways to give people access to the Knowledgebase:
  • Add it to your PHR to automatically link people to the specific health content that’s relevant to their conditions, tests, procedures, and medicines.
  • Add it to your website or portal so people can search in their own home, on their own time.
  • Use it as the foundation for your online health programs and centers of excellence. Its comprehensive coverage gives you content and interactive tools to meet your custom needs.

Cut out the clutter with concise, consistent health content

People need easy access to evidence-based, consumer-friendly health content. That’s why so many organizations use the Healthwise Knowledgebase as their one-stop source for patient education. This time-tested online health resource with an interactive toolset gives people access to content that’s clear, consistent, and useful--no matter where or when they need it.
The Healthwise Knowledgebase always delivers content that people can put into action for better understanding and self-care. The bottom line: Informed health consumers make better health decisions (and that’s better for your bottom line).

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