Monday, July 23, 2012

Healthwise - Self-Management Programs

Serve a growing population without growing your staff

There’s a better way to educate and motivate more people who are trying to manage a chronic condition, stay healthy, or make complex decisions. Use our self-management programs to give people the information they want, when they want it. We’ll help you keep wellness up and costs down.

Extend your reach with personal health programs

Healthwise Learn To Earn engages people with action-oriented health courses. The courses include tracks that focus on people’s specific goals, motivations, needs, and behaviors. Individuals choose the tracks they need, and get information tailored to their personal preferences. These self-management programs provide a cost-effective way for you to support people who:
  • Are managing chronic or high-risk conditions, including asthma, CAD, diabetes, and depression.
  • Want to reach a healthy weight or stop smoking.
  • Aren’t being reached today, or who have health conditions not covered by your existing programs.

Deliver trusted health content in refreshing, engaging ways

Your health coaches can enroll people in self-management programs by prescribing the programs through your care management system. You can enroll people as part of your incentive program, through your HRA, or through other system triggers. And you can let people sign up on their own through your portal or PHR.
Once people are enrolled in Learn To Earn, they can choose the education track that they most identify with. Within each track, members progress through short, engaging lessons that teach key learning objectives by using:
  • Online articles with useful tips and features.
  • Personal stories about people with similar health issues.
  • Multimedia videos that explain skills for self-management.
  • Targeted information, decision aids, quizzes, and other tools.
Learn to Earn measures member progress and completion of the health courses and then reports back to your system. Learn To Earn can easily integrate into your incentives systems so you can reward member performance.

Grab their attention with the right information

Even though people might share a health condition or lifestyle issue, their experiences with the condition are different. Learn To Earn recognizes that people need information tailored to their specific circumstances.
Healthwise uses a five-step process based on mental models and personas to create each Learn To Earn course. We bring together findings from user interviews, apply behavior change science, and generate tailored content to make sure we’re engaging people with just the information they need.
When more people get tailored information that they need, they’re more likely to take steps to manage their health—and that makes it easier for you to keep your population healthy, your costs low, and your standing high with HEDIS and other quality measures.

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