Thursday, July 26, 2012

Healthwise - Millions of People Served; Millions of Dollars Saved

Help people with their common health problems and avoid unnecessary health costs with Healthwise®print guides. Millions of people use the Healthwise® Handbook, our brochures, and our workbooks to make better health decisions. And that has translated into major savings for organizations like yours.

Provide practical, reliable health information for the home

When people have urgent medical questions, many of them don’t want to spend time browsing the Internet for answers. Maybe it’s because they lack Internet skills or an Internet connection. Maybe they dread sorting through the sheer volume of health content out there. Maybe they just prefer to grab a book and start reading.
Now in its 18th edition, the Healthwise Handbook has practical, up-to-date, easy-to-understand information on common health problems, from pinkeye to sunburn. Another volume, Healthwise® for Life, is geared to the special health concerns of people age 50 and over.
We also offer brochures and workbooks for high-impact conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and more.
Colorfully illustrated, written in plain language, and medically accurate, Healthwise print guides make practical health information accessible anytime day or night—no Internet connection required.

Deliver a custom benefit to target populations

Putting Healthwise print guides into people’s homes couldn’t be easier. Purchase them fully printed and ready to distribute. Or customize them with your own branding to direct people to your programs and services.

Our print guides are used by nearly 33 million people, including families, older adults, new parents, the underinsured, and the uninsured. Choose from:
  • Healthwise Handbook for families.
  • Healthwise for Life for people age 50 and better.
  • La salud en casa for Spanish speakers.
  • Brochures and workbooks that help people learn to manage their chronic conditions and other challenging health concerns.
However you use them, Healthwise print guides are a tangible reminder to people of your commitment to their health.

Unlock even more information by connecting online

Healthwise HandbookHealthwise for Life, and our other print guides all stand out from other home health care books. Providing quick answers to the most common questions, they’re great resources on their own.
But unlike other print materials, Healthwise guides don’t stop at the printed page. Our exclusive Go-to-Web codes link to even more content in the Healthwise®Knowledgebase. Our print guides give people instant access to a universe of valuable content and tools to help them treat ordinary ailments at home.
Increased self-care has been proven to save organizations millions of dollars—and it can lower your costs too.

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