Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Healthwise - Patient Engagement Solution

Help your clinicians find the best patient instructions—fast

Our solution integrates with your EMR (electronic medical record) system to automatically identify the right patient education for each clinical encounter. We make sure that our patient instructions are:

  • Accurate and up to date and that they cover health conditions that clinicians are likely to face.
  • Consistent so that they work in a wide variety of care settings, including outpatient, inpatient, and emergency department, across your enterprise, helping people take action to manage their health.
  • Meaningful and easy to use and that they include decision aids, after-care instructions, how to prepare for upcoming procedures, and when to call for help.
Our solution meets industry technology standards, so you can count on it to work with your systems.

Boost your clinical efficiency, and deliver Meaningful Use

Our solution delivers meaningful information to patients and their families as a normal part of your existing workflow. And it does it cost-efficiently. Here’s how it works with our ONC-ATCB certified, Healthwise Patient Education EMR Module:
The EMR Module is a customizable user interface. It puts the specific patient education resources that clinicians need—for virtually any moment in care—right inside your EMR platform.
Patient data—diagnosis, demographic, medicine, and procedural codes—return a short list of suggestions for relevant patient education, all within the clinician’s existing workflow. Your clinicians simply:
  1. Choose instructions from the list.
  2. Print the instructions and give them to the patient.
  3. Email the instructions or place copies of them in the patient health record (PHR).
The system automatically documents which instructions were provided to the patient.
Healthwise has a proven history of successful integration with leading EMR providers. Our experienced technical team will work with your EMR company (chances are we already do) to deliver based on your requirements.

Don’t settle. Achieve Meaningful Use

Healthwise creates health content that helps patients and their families make informed health decisions. We provide content that helps you meet (and get paid for) a variety of patient accreditation requirements, including Meaningful Use.
Healthwise patient education offers the highest degree of patient and clinician satisfaction and the best possible results. How do we know? Healthwise puts content and functionality to the test with users across the board.
Our exclusive Go-to-Web codes connect patients to specific topics in our online health encyclopedia. The topics help people learn more about their unique health issues and how to make better health decisions.
Let’s work together and transform your EMR system into a meaningful patient education solution that produces better outcomes, more appropriate care, and greater clinical efficiency.

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