Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthwise - Basic Fundamental Principles

Helping People Choose the Right Care

Our nonprofit mission is to help people make better health decisions. It's a simple mission and one that we’ve been loyal to since the day Healthwise was founded in 1975. Medical science has changed. Our technology has evolved. Our partnerships have multiplied. But our mission remains the same.

Our fundamental principles

The best health decisions are the ones that result in people getting the care that’s right for them as individuals. All of our products and solutions help our clients give people the tools to:
  1. Do as much as they can for themselves.
  2. Ask for care they need.
  3. Say “no” to care they don’t need.
Because if information doesn't help people get appropriate care, it doesn't help—plain and simple. When it does help, it's as powerful as any test, medication, or surgery. Without it, medical care is incomplete. That’s why we focus on creating solutions that our clients can use to give people the information they need—just when they need it. We work hard to help our clients succeed at engaging, educating, and motivating people. And when our clients do, we succeed as well.
Healthwise content and tools now reach around the world, from Alaska to Africa. Since 1975 people have turned to Healthwise information over a billion times to make better health decisions. Nearly 33 million Healthwise® self-care guides have been distributed, which is the equivalent to one in every ten American homes. All of the top ten health plans and hundreds of hospitals and employers use Healthwise® information. Still, this is only a start. Our goal is to help people manage their health and make better health decisions—regardless of where they live or the language they speak.
That’s our daily work, and our mission.

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