Sunday, July 15, 2012

About Healthwise

A Lifelong Commitment to Patient Education

Healthwise develops health content and patient education solutions for the top health plans, care management companies, hospitals, and consumer health portals. Each year, millions of people use our content and tools to manage their health, make better health decisions, and live healthier lives.

Outstanding content and client services

We believe that for consumer health content to really help people, it has to be easy to understand. It must teach people how to do as much as they can for themselves, ask for the care that they need, and say “no” to the care that’s not right for them. We develop all of our products—Healthwise® Knowledgebase, decision aids, patient instructions, digital tools, multimedia programs, Healthwise® Handbooks, and more—with these objectives firmly in mind.
Developing effective health content requires a deep understanding of how and when the content is used by consumers, clinicians, and health care organizations. And this is where our experience and expertise make the difference. We know, for example, that many people access health content when they’re under stress. These consumers need health content that is crystal clear, engaging, and encouraging and that helps them manage their health one step at a time. We also know that our clients need smart, cost-effective, and reliable ways to deliver content so that it fits into their health programs, quality initiatives, and daily workflows. Our 35-year history of developing content and programs for consumers and clients alike drives us to satisfy these different but equal needs.
We also have a track record of delivering outstanding customer value. We assign a special team to each client, so you can get the most out of the Healthwise® solutions you select. When you work with Healthwise, you get the best health content available—and a team of enthusiastic, experienced professionals dedicated to your success.
Here are five reasons for you to partner with Healthwise:
  1. We're nonprofit. We're dedicated to our mission of helping people make better health decisions, and to putting all of our resources into solutions that help us achieve that mission.
  2. We've been around. Founded in 1975, we’re experts at creating health content that’s easy to understand, engaging, and motivating—and that fits into the way you provide care.
  3. We’re user-tested. We test our content with consumers and clinicians to make sure that it helps people understand their medical condition, assess their risks, and choose from the best options.
  4. We’re evidence-based and reviewed by experts. For years, our content development and medical review processes have set the gold standard for health content.
  5. We serve and we lead. We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their immediate patient education goals. And we invest in the future to find innovative solutions to emerging challenges.
Our clients use our products and solutions to help people make more than 110 million health decisions every year. We can help the people you serve make better decisions too.

To know more about how you can access healthwise please send us an email at

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