Thursday, May 10, 2012

Information Therapy - Dial 'D' for Doctor

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What to do when you realize that you have missed a dose of your medicine? Dial 'D' for Doctor !

Do you use complicated medical terms which sounds like Greek and Latin to your patients ? Why should you use Information Therapy ?

Traditionally, Indian patients were passive and were quite happy to leave all medicaldecisions to the doctor.

However, times have changed, and internet positive patients are hungry for information and want to work in partnership with their doctor.
This is a huge challenge -- and a great opportunity as well. We feel patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource and that Information Therapy is Powerful Medicine !

Just because you haven't been trained as a doctor doesn't minimize the important role you play in preventing errors with regard to your medicines, or those for your family! As the patient (or the caregiver), you have a great deal at stake in the success of your drug therapy and should assert your right - and your responsibility - to ask relevant questions. By the very process of asking questions about your medicines, you understand why you are taking them, how to take them, and what to expect so that you can detect potential errors. Ask your doctor, chemist or nurse questions about the medications. You should completely understand your health problem and what you can expect from the medicines. Read More…..
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